Water Balloons

water balloons
Let's have fun this summer!

Water Balloons

My children are officially on summer vacation, it was not an easy year due to the pandemic … sometimes they closed school for a couple of days, permanently wear masks, etc.


But finally they are already out, so and to celebrate the end of the year, I decided to make them these water balloons, which are reusable, good for the environment, and super soft for children! 🤩

I love it and my kids already tried them and it was a hit.

Now that the weather is starting to heat up it’s just perfect.

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  • 3.75mm / F crochet
  • 1 par de ojos de seguridad 8mm
  • 100 grs lana negra, regular
  • 40 grs lana blanca, regular
  • 20 grs de lana amarilla, regular
  • 20 grs de lana roja, regular
  • 10 grs de lana rosa, regular
  • 1 botón de madera pequeño
  • Material de relleno de tu elección
  • Aguja de lana
  • Marcador de puntos, tijeras

Worked in rows. Crochet 9mm. Use stitch marker.

R1: 6sc in a magic circle (6)

R2: 1 inc in each stitch (12)

R3: *1sc, 1 inc*, repeat around (18)

R4 – R6: 1sc in each stitch (18)

R7: *1sc, 1 dec*, repetir around (12)

R8:*dec*, repeat around (6)

R9: 1 sc in each stitch (6)

R10: 1 inc in each stitch (12)

Fasten off and weave the ends. 

water balloons
Did you like it?!

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