Turkey BBQ

Thanksgiving is finally over, it’s freezing outside and you have a fridge full of leftover turkey. What are you going to do?

Easy, just give your family a taste of summer by turning leftovers from the holiday dinner into a turkey BBQ feast! It is a great change of pace and an ideal way to snack while watching all those football games on TV. Try these simple recipes to create some comfort foods that are so delicious your kids won’t even know they are eating healthy.

The centerpiece of the meal is a tasty pulled turkey BBQ. You can use it in sandwiches with slaw or as a filling for wraps and quesadillas. Serve it with sweet and spicy ginger slaw, herb roasted redskins and a healthy Cajun style macaroni and cheese and you have created a BBQ meal they will tell all their friends about.

Turn holiday leftovers into a BBQ turkey feast

The entrée-Turkey BBQ

For this recipe you will need:

· 2 pounds Shredded turkey

· ½ cup Molasses

· ¼ cup Liquid smoke flavoring

· ¼ cup apple cider

· 1 tsp Texas Pete cayenne pepper sauce (optional)

In a small sauce pan mix the molasses, cider and liquid smoke. Add the Texas Pete and turkey to the pan. Mix gently to evenly cover the turkey and cook over medium heat until the BBQ is heated to140F. Serve on whole wheat Kaiser rolls or as a filling for wraps.

Turkey BBQ slaw topper

This slaw recipe makes a great topper for the turkey BBQ or can be served on the side. Quick to make, it is a tasty way to add healthy fiber and nutrition to the meal.

You will need:

· 1 bag shredded cabbage

· 1/2 cup shredded carrots

· 2 T grated fresh ginger

· 1/4 cup honey

· 2 tsp salad mustard

· 2 T lemon juice

· 2 T lemon zest

· ½ tsp red pepper flakes

Mix honey, mustard and lemon juice together in a small bowl. In a larger bowl mix the cabbage, carrots and ginger together. Pour the honey mixture over the slaw and toss to coat evenly. Sprinkle the lemon zest on top and serve as a side or on top of the turkey BBQ.

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