My first viral pattern

I posted in few pages and groups on Facebook, but was this particular post that brought my pattern to the whole world, literally!

Yes, I have a viral pattern! And I am not talking about Covid-19 (although I have a free pattern of it…)

I will tell you a little story, I will be brief I promise.

Probably you already know it, probably even you already bought it…did you already made it?

In March 2019 I released a pattern just in time for Easter: a Hatching Unicorn Egg.

I posted in few pages and groups on Facebook, but was this particular post that brought my pattern to the whole world, literally!

Hatching Unicorn Egg

Quickly, in less than 2 months, I reached more than 4000 sales on Etsy… yeah, crazy eh?

And it was a crazy season too, because I also took orders!

Then I created the Hatching Dinosaur Egg, because in this world there are 2 group of kids (and adults too):

Unicorn Lovers and Dinosaur Lovers

For several weeks I was online almost 24/7, answering emails, messages in my store, on my personal page (if you still do not follow it, do it here)… and seeing how my store exploded. It was amazing and exciting…but terrifying at the same time.

Because I received too many orders too, for a moment I was collapsed, I was scared…I got stressed, I had tendinitis and for an instant I thought about abandoning everything.

Crochet was no longer a pleasant and relaxing activity, which was why I started this. But at the same time, something inside me said me that I should continue, calmly but continue. So I did it.

I created more patterns, none as famous as this one, but all received with love from you.

Currently I have in my Etsy Store more than 7000 sales and 4 announces with the “Best Seller” tag. My store continues growing and that is why I decided to take the next step: open my own website. My own space that I dreamed of so much!

Now, if you ask me what is the key or the perfect trick? my answer is that it does not exist.

Because none of this was previously planned.

However, there are three keywords: patience, perseverance and love for yourself and what yo do.

And this is the story of My first viral pattern, I hope you liked it… leave a comment if you do! Would love to hear from you…

So, have you already made the Hatching Unicorn Egg? maybe you made the dinosaur? the little chick….or the dragon?

If you did, do not forget to use the #sayenscrochet on social media, I really love to see your creations!

If not, still you have the opportunity to make them, becasue you know… there are no excuses, only opportunities to be taken!

Like me!

Follow me!

Vox populi!

Spread the love!

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