Crochet Quotes Collection

Crochet Quotes Collection

It doesn’t matter if you crochet scarves, hats, clothes, home accessories or amigurumis, we have all felt the need to express our frustrations, hidden desires of yarn addicts and funny quotes that identify us because they are crochet/yarn related.

crochet quotes collection

That is why I made a selection of the best that I have seen on the web and to which I have given the touch of Sayens Crochet.

Feel free to save your favorites and share them.

  1. Yarn addicted to you?
crochet quotes collection
But seriously, have you ever thought about that? because honestly, reading this all makes perfect sense to me. What if wool and its “fibristic“ energy calls me and convinces you to go to the store without even realizing it? think about it…

2. A super Happy Life!

crochet quotes collection
Because there is nothing more true than this, whatever you do as a hobby, as a therapy, as a business … if it’s crafty, it’s happiness.

3. Ohh…what a dream!

crochet quotes collection
I wish we could, right? is that imagine, your life full of problems of various kinds whose only solution is to sit and crochet …. Woah, what a delight!

4. Yup, Crochet is the new yoga.

crochet quotes collection
Definitely, because weaving is not just creating for the sake of creating, it is certainly therapeutic and encouraging. when you crochet, curiously you are untangling and consequently, anger and your sorrows go down.

5. A lovely relationship?

crochet quotes collection
Similar to the first one, what if the craft store thinks of you like you think of it? what if you guys are connected? and it calls you … and your subconscious inevitably goes to the call?

6. Time flies!

crochet quotes collection
Oh yeah, have you been in that situation? Many times! And when we crochet, time flies … what can we do, we are like that.

7. Ommm…

This should be LAW. Let’s say NO to people’s negativity, and bad energies … Let’s surround ourselves with good things, like yarn for example.
Would you like it?

8. So many reasons!

To this in fact I could add another reason. There are 3 reasons, the third one is “just in case”.

9. It really is!

And this was exactly what you and I did when Covid was starting and we had to isolate ourselves from the world, huh? Fortunately we were trained for this and I hope we come out undefeated until the next lockdown …

10. It‘s time!

Exactly! And so with this I say goodbye, because guess what … did you see the time? it’s crochet o clock!
But don’t forget to share this before!

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