Eliminating Weeds Between Patio Stones

After a long winter, I stood outside on the patio of the older house we just moved into to survey the yard. It looked a bit neglected, but the worst part for me was all the weeds and dandelions that were growing very proudly between the patio stones or pavers. There was about an inch … Read more

How to Build Patio

Building your own patio can be a great way to save some money instead of hiring someone to do it. If you plan properly, you should be able to build your patio on a weekend, or even one day, depending on the size, but be prepared for some good, hard work! Be Prepared Before you … Read more

Growing Daffodils: A Beginner’s Guide

Daffodil Growing Guide – How To Get Great Results Growing daffodils is one of the best projects for a new gardener who wants to grow beautiful flowers without having to be an expert. All you need for growing daffodils is fertile soil and healthy daffodil bulbs. You can even grow daffodils in containers if you … Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Organic Vegetable Gardening

Whether you are considering starting an organic vegetable garden to keep the grocery budget in the black or you just love gardening getting started is the hardest part. The amount of information that a beginning gardener has to sift through can be overwhelming. Here are the basic steps to creating a successful, productive organic vegetable … Read more

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Gardening

Why Should I Garden? Mom always said, “Eat your vegetables!” I always replied, “Mom, I don’t want to, I hate flash-frozen foods!” Okay, so my dinner table conversations didn’t exactly play out like that, but they could have. There are many reasons to have a garden. Some garden for time together with family members. Some … Read more

Transform Your Garden On A Budget

Cost-Effective Makeovers There is nothing better or more invigorating than enjoying a well-landscaped yard. However, if you are thinking about re-landscaping your entire back lot this idea may prove cost-prohibitive to some degree, labor-intensive, and require a good deal of thought. There are a number of landscaping recommendations that are less-pricey options. A good screen … Read more

Allergy Suffering People Can Still Enjoy Gardening

Allergies are having a negative impact on those who not only like plants but like to garden. Allergies have become an extremely expensive health concern especially since they can lead to dangerous asthma attacks. Thomas Ogren in his new book The Allergy Fighting Gardener firmly believes we have made this escalating health problem ourselves. He … Read more

How To Make A Garden On Your Balcony

I live in an apartment, but it doesn’t keep me from having my own garden. This spring I’ve decided to transform my balcony into a relaxation area with flowers, herbs, and vegetables. My small garden can be viewed through the windows of my room, so I can have an eye-catching display without leaving the flat. … Read more

Japanese Garden Design and Style Ideas

Japanese Garden Design Tips Traditional Japanese garden design is based on centuries of tradition, custom, and messages. What the garden says – or doesn’t say – is an important element of Japanese garden design. There are many intricacies involved in creating traditional Japanese gardens, and we can’t begin to cover all of them here, but … Read more

Sustainable Organic Garden Design

There is a lot of talk on the Internet this summer about buying local food, and only local food as much as possible, because it is good for the environment. When you buy locally you are supporting small farms, you are decreasing your impact on the environment by buying things that do not need to … Read more