Budget Garden Accents Ideas

Garden Accents – Ideas On A Budget

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The garden accents you add to your yard and garden are actually individual choices that ought to reflect your style, qualities, and tastes. What counts most is what you really prefer. What gives you pleasure is what counts. With that said it’s always good to identify some of the fundamental things you can do to genuinely make your gardens look their best.

Inserting garden accents into your garden area does not have to cost a fortune. A small number of pieces of driftwood and some rocks can create a huge difference in your garden look. Once you get off the beaten path a bit, they’re easy to find. A walk by a river or lake or a journey through the woods can yield great results. Smaller rocks and lengths of dried wood can do the job quite well. It’s surprising how great your garden can look with a few well-placed rocks and a little driftwood.

Get Going With Edging Your Garden

When designing your garden that are a few things you should start with. One of them is garden edging. Adding edging to your garden will provide more than just borders to give it a clean finished look. Garden edging too helps stop weeds and grass from creeping into your garden and holds your mulch from spreading onto your grass. With a little planning and inspiration, you can find loads of things to edge your garden with that are free or very inexpensive.

Smaller stones and rocks up to six inches in diameter can present a very natural appearance. This also goes for tree branches and a smaller slab of rock. Needless to say, you always have plastic edging which is quite inexpensive or you can step up to a wide variety of bricks that come in a variety of shapes and sizes or wooden edging like short fences; even treated timbers.

Mulch Is A Essential

Mulch will do more than just make your garden look nicer, it also will help your soil hold on to moisture and will help inhibit weeds from taking over. Natural mulches like the many varieties of barks are superlative to use since they will decay and enrich your soil and also increase worm activity which is good for any garden. Professional landscapers prefer to use mulches that come from white oaks, cypress, cedar, and pine barks.

Some people really prefer rocks or washed stones which can demand a lot of labor to place. If you want to be GREEN and use a free alternative, ground-up leaves or grass clippings can do the job nicely. Mulching with them instead of dumping really makes much more sense. Many people even make use of pine needles when they’ve got plenty of trees. Be careful though because pine needles will also acidify your soil.

Every Garden Needs A Birdbath

I wouldn’t put together a garden that didn’t exhibit one birdbath. In addition to attracting birds, a birdbath is a great point of interest. A beautiful and exquisite birdbath can be created quite inexpensively. When you go off to flea markets and garage sales, keep an eye out for big pans with an edge that is at least two inches high.

First, lay your pan on top of a tree stump. Add some smaller stones to the pan, fill it with water and you have created a birdbath. Another creative way of building a birdbath is with terra cotta pots. You should start by placing a short, wide pot upside down. On top of that, you place the largest plate you can find. Repeat this graduating down to a little smaller pot and plate. Do it again if you’d like another level.

At this point, you’ve created a three-level birdbath. If you want you could add one last plate on top and a potted plant on top of that. Ivy would look really nice. You can use whatever you’d like to raise your birdbath but a tree stump will do a good job and should really work well.

Garden Ornaments Don’t Have To Be Costly To Look Great

If you want some really unique items for garden accents check out garage sales. Be creative when you go to a garage sale. Think about a theme for your garden. As I have gone about exploring my neighborhood I’ve found gardeners make use of statues and vases, toy cars and dolls, vases along with trikes, and even an old-fashioned school desk. Is there something you are especially passionate about? Think about adding garden accents that go with your passions.

Be creative when you place your garden ornaments and you’ll end up with a very unique garden. Be cautious with this one though, too many of these kinds of items can make it look like you’re creating a junkyard. Bear in mind too though, that it is your garden and you’re designing it to be suitable for your enjoyment.

Planter Boxes Look Great And Can Be Easy To Put Together

Last of all, why not provide your garden with some depth and style and add some raised boxes? If you are able to strike a nail in and employ a saw, with a few pieces of treated wood or cedar you can craft a raised box. All you need to buy is four 2 x 8 inch pieces of wood, railroad ties or 6 x 6 inch timbers, and several bags of soil to fill your box. Nail them together in the corners and when you’re through you’ve created a garden accent that can highlight some of your favorite plants or vegetables. Because it is raised, you also have the additional advantage of being able to add whatever type of soil mixture you would like to and the added height can also make it less complicated to take care of.

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