How to Create Budget Garden Pond

Creating Garden Pond on a Budget Is your backyard missing something? It could be a water feature. Learn how to create a garden pond for you and your family to enjoy while still sticking to a budget. What is a garden pond? It is a unique water feature that gives you the feeling that you … Read more

Natural Pest Control Tips For Your Garden

Natural Pest Control Tips for a Vegetable Garden It is that time of year again; pests begin to attack all of the wonderful produce ripening in the summer vegetable garden. Unchecked, they can wreak havoc on the plants you have lovingly cared for all these months. It can be utterly disappointing to go out to … Read more

Outdoor Wicker Garden Furniture

Unlike what many people think, wicker is not a type of plant used to make baskets and furniture. It is actually a way of weaving plant fiber (like rattan, bamboo, willow, reeds, etc.) into things like baskets and furniture. Wicker is surprisingly strong, flexible, and light, while the plants from which it is woven grow … Read more

How To Care Indoor Plants

Watering, Humidity, and Fertilizing To check the water content in potting media, air humidity, and the pH of both potting media and water. Tools: humidity meter, water meter (if desired), pH meter, bamboo skewers (used for kabobs) Water, humidity, and pH of potting media and/or water used for watering all have an effect on the … Read more

Spring Garden Landscaping Tips

Spring is almost here and those green thumbs are aching to be digging in the ground and creating a beautiful garden. Regardless of how big or small your gardening space is it can be beautiful. There are many different design ideas in regard to the look, feel, and layout of your garden. This article is … Read more

Simple Ways To Brighten Up Your Garden

Sprucing up your garden or outdoor space can be a great way to revive it and enjoy using the area more. If you have a party or family gathering coming up on your calendar soon, then implementing a few of these simple and inexpensive touches to your garden could really make all the difference. We … Read more