Recipes for Turkey Meatloaf

Ground turkey is an excellent substitute for ground beef in many meatloaf and meatball recipes. A thick slice of turkey meatloaf has about the same number of calories as a […]

Homemade Chicken Stock (Broth) Recipe

In my family’s ongoing quest to eat less and less processed foods and also to reduce our grocery bills, we have been striving to make more and more of our […]

Mushroom Vegetarian Stroganoff Recipe

This dish was one of those fortunate accidents that happened when I realized that I didn’t have ingredients for any full dinners, so it was either run to the store […]

How to Make Mexican Cornbread

Mexican Corn Bread-A Southern Treat This recipe has traveled all over the south in various forms. I think it originated in Texas but I might be wrong. Corn bread is […]

Vegan Cupcake Recipe

When you become a vegan at first it may seem like your entire diet is restricted. It will not take you long to realize however that their are vegan alternatives […]

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

What are you thankful for this year? I am thankful for my good health, the master’s degree that I recently achieved, all my beloved family members and friends, and the […]

Ginger Beef BBQ Recipe

Today I’d like to share a new recipe with you. Summer cooking can sometimes get a little predictable with the traditional barbecue menu. Let’s take a Texas favorite, BBQ beef, […]